Pre-Developmental Classes

The Pre-Developmental Program is for children who are naturally flexible, focused, detail oriented and are able to closely follow instructions.  The children are physically strong and demonstrate a higher level of coordination.  As they progress through each level they can withstand more rigorous conditioning and flexibility training.  

These children have no fear in of jumping, flipping or climbing and are not intimidated by heights.  At the end of each session, coaches recommend children for our Recreational, Interclub or Developmental Program, or to other disciplines.

Entry into all the groups are by assessment and invitation.  Age requirement for this program is from 3.5 to 6  years old.  

Our Pre-Developmental Program offers 3 streams based on athlete age and skill level:

PD3: 3-4 years
This class  is the entry level of the Pre-Developmental program for girls.  The class begins in January 2015 and is offered for winter and spring. One and a half hour classes are offered twice weekly. The goal for this class is to proceed to PD4.

PD4: 4-5 years
Children in this class indicate a clear interest in gymnastics . Two hour classes are offered twice weekly -in the morning and afternoon to accommodate pre-school schedules. The goal for these children is to move to the Developmental Program or PD5.

PD5: 5-6 years
Children in this class are now used to the rigors of conditioning and flexibility training. They are focused and progress quickly through skill acquisition. They indicate a preference for gymnastics  over  other  sports. Two and a half hour classes are offered  twice weekly after school.


For more program information, please contact Program Administrative Coordinator Angie Holbrook, 604-737-7693 ext. 23.